What’s farrago?  It’s basically miscellany and for this purpose, it will be anything that doesn’t have a home on one of my other topic pages. My brain is full of farrago and my interests are boundless, so there will be no shortage of content here.

istarchiStories about Chicago

Chicago as Brigadoon and other stories, by John Hodgman, Rick Kogan and the boys of Pocket Guide to Hell. (Thanks to Gapers Block for the I-star-Chi logo.  You need to buy a t-shirt or button with that logo.)

Mr Selfridge’s Chicago Connection

The PBS TV series–Mr Selfridge–about the grand London department store has several Chicago connections.  Season 2 is in the works.

Meditations on Typography

Could anything be more fitted to the Farrago section than this memory-laden essay on why I love type?

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