Design at Work and Play

The Chicago Design Museum has a varied exhibition on graphic design titled Work at Play, part of the Pop-Up Art Loop project. The exhibit includes work by four major designers and a collective of 12 contemporary designers. You can see it until June 30 in a raw temporary display space on the third floor of the Block 37 building, 108 N State St.


Wall of John Massey posters. Photo by Nancy Bishop.

My review at notes that the exhibit honors the work of John Massey, a famous Chicago designer best known as the director of design and communications at the late great Container Corporation of America and the founder of the CCA Center for Advanced Research in Design.

Read my review at

One Comment on “Design at Work and Play”

  1. June Dreznick says:

    Nancy, I really enjoy your blogs or whatever else they are called. Soon I’ll start visiting the sites you talk about. Thanks, June



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