Dumpster dive to floral design

flowers3My grandson James presented me with a very creative Mothers Day  gift.  He took adaptive reuse to an extreme, creating a contemporary flower arrangement that fits perfectly with my decor. Which is pretty mid-century modern with lots of glass and chrome and a color palette of black, gray, white and a few bright colors.

His raw material?  Pieces of heavy gauge copper and aluminum wire  that he and his dad found in a dumpster at a construction site. (His father–my son Steve–is a home renovation contractor.)

James stripped off the black insulating shield covering the metal cables. He used a pliers to grab individual metal strands and twist them  to make petals. Cables of three different lengths make an interesting arrangement, shown at the left. It’s a very cool addition to my living room.

I thought at first the material was coaxial cable, which is most often used by cable and telephone companies to carry signals from antenna or central locations to customers’ homes or offices. But no, it’s just plain old heavy duty wire, which is used for a variety of building purposes.

You might also be interested in art that other people have created with similar materials, especially the bull sculpture by a homeless man in New York. Several youtube videos here

One Comment on “Dumpster dive to floral design”

  1. Sandra Matson says:

    I love it! Very creative.


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