Inspired public art

You’ve probably seen the posters and promotion pieces for the Picasso & Chicago exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  They’re everywhere and I’ve admired the graphic from the first time I saw it.  I admired the exhibit too and I’ll add comments on that and the AIC’s Picasso lectures later. Here’s the graphic.


I was charmed to see the typography in lifesize living color last week on the Daley Plaza. I stopped to watch and take some photos and to see how passersby reacted to it. (Click each photo to enlarge.)



daleyplz eastview


Some people sat on benches in the cold and looked at it.  Some climbed on it. And a gaggle of college girls posed for a group photo on the S. It was a perfect example of how public art should be consumed.


One Comment on “Inspired public art”

  1. Sandra Matson says:

    Thanks for this. Put it on my must-do list.


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